The Grand Tour

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With Season 2 soon on the way, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May continue to take their love of motorsport to yet another level.
Each 60 minute episode is shot in 4K at various locations around the world such as Los Angeles, Johannesburg, Dubai and… Whitby.

MOOV designers created stings such as ‘Conversation Street’ and ‘Celebrity Brain Crash’ along with a wide range of studio graphics for Tom and Simon, two of our most experienced (and lucky) graphics operators, who jetted off to record each show.

With their graphics machine in a backpack, and of course one in the hold as a precaution, we’re all set. We chose the ChyronHego Graffiti Flex for this project due to it being lightweight – and it literally fits in your bag!

Season 1 is currently available on Amazon Prime with Season 2 coming soon.

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