MOOV choose Pixotope

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The Future Group announce MOOV as first UK company to purchase Pixotope™

The Future Group, the leader in live virtual production systems, have announced that graphics company MOOV is the first UK company to adopt Pixotope™ for use on virtual studio and augmented reality graphics projects.

Pixotope™ offers broadcasters and graphics houses a unique combination of performance, flexibility, photo-realism, and creativity, and is designed specifically to simplify the virtual production creative process. It is the only system on the market that offers native Unreal rendering with WYSIWYG editing, providing the highest quality photo-realistic graphics that can always be modified quickly.

“We’re both fortunate and unique at The Future Group in having an award-winning virtual production creative team that drives Pixotope’s development. Pixotope™ has benefited from this real-world production and creative input, and the result is a product that truly moves the needle in terms of its photo-realistic capability, creative throughput, and simplified operation.”


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