Augmented & Virtual Reality

 In Projects

Our state of the art augmented reality & virtual graphics enhance a number of BT Sport’s studio productions. Utilising RT Software’s Tog-VR 3D solution we are able to offer stunning and innovative graphics on three cameras simultaneously with camera tracking data provided by an Ncam system.

Many of our graphics are fully integrated with external data sources allowing us to show up to date league tables, match times, latest scores or player stats with ease. We also have full integration with MOOV’s own Social Media moderating tool Chinwag, allowing Twitter and Instagram posts to appear in AR within seconds of them being posted online.

We also offer further AR with Ericsson’s new Piero AR system. Using OPTA data, Piero AR allows us to analyse players or teams with graphics such as pass maps, shot maps or average positions appearing on a virtual pitch placed within the studio. It’s also become a popular tool on BT Sport Score to demonstrate how a goal has been scored using the ‘route to goal’ graphic.

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