Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win

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Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win: Season 2

We were tasked originally with making the set feel richer, less areas of black and ultimately more engaging, alongside this was to create a fully working ladder inside Unreal Engine, thus making the set feel as one.

The client, Mitre Studios & Hello Dolly, gave us a lot of freedom when it came to the set, which means we ran with it. Whilst we had a visual from their set designer, we decided to turn it all the way up to 11, which made the collaborative process with the client even more exciting, and helped them with their Vision with Season 2 to be bigger and better. Our aim was to make it so you couldn’t see where the real set stopped.

Once the Set was in a good place, the ladder was the next task in hand along with all the different Lighting Sates for the Show. Once more the challenge was laid down to make this better than last year. The team worked hard to make sure all the functionality worked seamlessly, so that the game ran as smooth as could be, which it turns out was no mean feat, the Blue printing skills for this, were off the chart.

The relationship with us and the client flourished over the build and to add a little more sparkle we were asked to build all the AR elements for the live show as it turns out you can’t bring a live elephant to set anymore, roll in the AR elephant, along with many other moments of wizardry.

All told MOOV took season 2 in a new territory with how it looks and plays, making the show feel incredibly seamless when it’s viewed by millions weekly.

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