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Back in December, we delivered a Virtual Studio and On-Screen Graphics solution for Prime Video on their Every Game, Every Goal Production, working alongside Sunset+Vine and Timeline Television.


Adam Lawrence, Creative Director

“Embarking on this project with Amazon has truly been an immersive journey into the realm of creativity and innovation. Serving as the appointed implementation partner, the question lingered: What unique contribution could we make to an entity as esteemed as Amazon Studios? Yet, Amazon’s commitment to fostering a collaborative work environment resonated deeply.

From the inaugural kick-off call, where we were introduced to the visionary design by Jack Morton for the Studio, we initiated a harmonious and cooperative workflow. Our objective was not merely to be part of the process but to leave an indelible imprint on the Studio. Jack Morton, entrusted us with the task of infusing life and depth into their conceptual framework.

With enthusiasm, we delved into the project, exercising our creative prowess to scrutinize every angle, chamfer, and bolt, breathing life into even the minutest details. A collaborative ethos permeated the process, where our ideas were shared with the broader teams, each suggestion receiving thoughtful consideration and often finding its way into implementation.

The culmination of this collective effort is evident in the final output—a testament to the power of cohesive teamwork and the ability to build upon one another’s ideas. As creators, we habitually scrutinize our work, identifying aspects we wish to refine. However, in this instance, we had the gratifying experience of stepping back and admiring the culmination of our collaborative endeavours—a creation that bears the collective mark of ingenuity and dedication.


Laurie Beamont, Head of Graphics Delivery

“December at MOOV is always an exciting time for us as it means that one of our favourite projects is on the horizon once again. We’ve been involved in Every Game Every Goal since the start of Prime Video’s Premier League coverage, and we’ve always been keen to push the graphics boundaries with this programme both from an AR and On-screen graphics perspective. We’ve produced a lot of Graphic L’s covering multiple live games of football in a few different guises, and Every Game Every Goal poses its own unique challenges, with split kick-off times and fixture schedules. We’ve developed the graphics suite and control which uses third-party data to provide the viewer with all of the information they need throughout the 4.5 hour broadcast.

We’re always keen to offer something new and exciting in terms of editorial graphics content, including things like StatsPerform’s Momentum metric which highlights the key dominance of a team within the match and whether the goals are with or against the run of play. This is really key in a programme such as this, where we’re not seeing every minute of every game. It may be that we don’t go to a game for 20 minutes because the action has been elsewhere, so updating the viewer on the last few passages of play to understand who is in the ascendancy is key.

This in conjunction with new AR concepts such as the ‘Roladex’ to highlight the key moments in a dynamic fashion allows the presentation and production teams flexibility in their approach within the Virtual environment. We try to make sure all graphics are as visual as possible on both fronts, utilising player imagery and the unique Player GIFs that Prime Video records wherever possible to ensure Prime Video’s unique stamp is ever present within the graphics.”


Niki Whittle, Business Development Director

“It’s truly exhilarating to witness yet another major player enthusiastically embrace the realm of virtual studios for broadcast and put full trust in MOOV’s experienced virtual team to optimise, implement and operate their first Unreal 5 virtual set within a live production environment, which we delivered to the highest standards.This innovative shift for Amazon Primes virtual hub not only signifies a commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements but also opens up a world of possibilities in the realm of content creation and delivery that can be adapted for a variety of sports and used in other territories. This progressive approach not only elevates the quality of Amazon’s studio productions but also sets a compelling precedent for the industry, inspiring others to follow suit in the pursuit of pushing boundaries and redefining the future of broadcasting.”

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